Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some blessed faces...

You know, I often mention the missionaries we serve with, and the YSA.   But I've realised I don't often let you meet some of the dedicated members that keep South Ribble and Preston Wards running.   So, meet some South Ribble faces:

I can't remember if I've mentioned Sis. O'Donovan (pink), the kind of member who flies completely 'under the radar' doing myriads of good deeds and visits unnoticed.   Love her.  As well, sweet Sister McCall (next to her).   She still lives alone, in an upstairs flat. Comes faithfully each week, and asks to have a 'copy' of the talks, since she can't hear them.

The Winters - backbone of any ward. He had a one-week rest between his release from the Stake Presidency and being called into the Bishopric. You know them - they work in any calling.  They're fun, talented, and 'missionary-minded'.  (Yea!)

Have we shown you our Youth Sunday School class?   This is the group - all the South Ribble youth, from Rory (12) to Emily (17).   They could divide it, but there's not another classroom to use!   Our little Phase One building only has one small corridor of classrooms and restrooms.   By the way, bet you can't guess which teenager has moved here from Spain and is now learning English quite well!   Hmm

Becky, who made me a 'missionary bear' for Christmas!  She and I still work on piano most Saturdays.  She now plays several hymns quite well, and our time's becoming more enjoyable every week!

She has also agreed to sing in a couple of groups in church, which is a MAJOR accomplishment with her 'performance stress' issues.

The Coopers.   He continues to serve in this, his third time as Bishop, even with regular medical visits due to diabetes, significant kidney problems, and hypertension.  His sweet wife's a nurse - good match!  

It's still amazing to see the range in Bishops the Lord calls.  Bishop Grubb in Preston is barely over into his '30's'.   Totally different leadership styles, totally different wards.   They're both great men.

I feel like I've mentioned quite a few Preston people, because of their baptisms and YSA's.   But here are a couple more faces in the ward:

Bentleys (with grandson) - our neighbours down the street.  Count them in on any service.  He's in the Bishopric, she's over YW.

Did we mention our former 'Mill' neighbours were expecting? Everything is Pooh and friends at Becky and Matt's.  Pregnancy has had its challenges...
but hey, in a few weeks they'll greet with excitement, the adjustment to being new parents!

Our new Stake President - a 'slightly athletic' (HELLO!) man of 35 with some great energy for the work.  I do mean the work of the Lord, although his focus here is cricket!  

Eliza, holding one of the creations all the YW made.  Elder Meese and I got an idea months ago to ask Wendy Martin to craft these logos.   The Youth leaders helped them sew them into these darling pillows.

Eliza is also one of the only pianists in Preston. She's very capable, but totally reluctant to ever accompany a congregation. Praying for a change of heart in this talented young teenager.

Well, now I've got myself into a spot.   I could continue to go on about our ward members for pages.   So....I'm going to quit while I still have some time to straighten up around here.   The Preston Sisters (missionaries) are planning the sweetest evening for us tonight.   They asked if they could bring US tea this evening, instead of us inviting them.   And...they've also invited three YSA's.  They're planning to have a lesson on the priesthood following our meal, with Elder Meese helping a lot.   It should be quite an enjoyable evening!

So, for now...a parting shot of Elder Meese with his little Eva (we were there at her birth).   Her dad couldn't find work here, so they have all moved back to London to be together - which is a good thing.  But we will miss their family.  

Oh, and the Spanish-speaking class member?   Ivan (say long E . accent on 'Vaun').   Front row, 2nd from right.    Have a good week, everyone.   We love you.  

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