Monday, February 10, 2014

It was an omen.

Today was a fantastic day...worthy of an additional post.   And it began with a good omen - the rainbows returned!

Yup, it's a sure sign of good days to come when there's actually enough sun at the right angle to make our sun catcher work again!  

And that preceded the best event of the day:   Elder Meese PASSED his driving exam!   He has a real, official British license!  

You may have thought the most stressful part of the test was the theory he passed several weeks ago.   But for the driving exam, you pay $100 per attempt to drive around with the examiner for 40 minutes, making any maneuvers he tells you while he silent marks 'tics' on his sheet.  

Today my grateful husband showed me a 'tic-free' sheet and brought us a box of chocolates and some 'sparkling elder flower' drink.   I asked how he felt.   He said he could not even begin to explain the feeling of relief not to have that hanging over him any more.   So, from here on in, it's "Happy days are here again; the skies above are clear again..."

So, two more pictures...just for fun.  First, a candid look at our Sunday School class, before Elder Meese began this week:

In their defense, they did switch to their scriptures when we began.   But you still have to go hmmm.

And the other shot, meet our newly called Gospel Principles teacher:  Ta Da!

So, it's a good day all around.   Yea!  

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  1. that is FANTASTIC news! So happy you're legit now dad!