Monday, February 17, 2014

So how much good can one companionship do?

Tomorrow we say good-bye to one of the most effective missionaries we've had in Preston.   Sis. Leslie (standing by me) is leaving for a new zone, after three transfers with us.  It's going to be a hard day.

In one of our first coordination meetings, she perceptively observed that the ward had many needs inside and people were dealing with a lot of personal challenges.   She felt 'in order for missionary work to flourish here, I think we need to turn our efforts toward serving the members first and help strengthen the ward from the inside.'   And thus they began...

Every week has found this companionship visiting, listening, befriending, 'singing to', making dinner for, painting, cleaning,.....
along with their regular 'finding'.

People have credited these Sisters in testimonies for supporting them through depressions,  helping them learn English, pitching in to clean a new flat....    
Let's just say, Preston (and their bishop) love their missionaries.  Their efforts are just one reason the chapel is looking more 'filled' each week.  

So, how much good can one companionship do?   A lot.   Thank you for letting your 'light so shine' in this part of the Lord's vineyard.   And for instructing us in 'the pure love of Christ.  We will miss you!

And meanwhile, in our South Ribble Ward....the missionaries were in charge of the February activity!  

The Elders and Sisters decorated the hall and orchestrated a fun game of 'Mr and Mrs' (evidently a TV show).  

This was preceded by a buffet dinner, during which Elder Meese and I asked to try something new...a children's table!   We hoped it would give the adults more space to visit and allow the Primary age members their own place.   It worked great.

We also gave them markers to write on the table cloths.   And Sis. O'Donovan brought supplies for cookie decorating after!  

Afterwards, we did 'reverse charades' (say 'shu-RAWDS) -  which is a total kick!   It was a great way to end the evening.   I think even Grandma's youngest had a great time!

So, three fun food shots to end:  first, I'm still getting use to the flavors of 'crisps' they enjoy here!  

Then there's a Lancashire favorite they served after a ward 'clean up' last month - 'bacon butties' (It's true).   Bread, butter...and bacon (this is what bacon looks like here).  

And the best news of the week - Elder Meese's first 'homemade' loaf of 'whole grain bread'!!, we don't have our Bosch or wheat grinder.   So he started with a little dry pack of bread ingredients...but it sure turned out close to what he does at home.    Way to go, Elder.
I love you.  

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