Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aah, Technology!

Aah, technology...a senior couple's best friend!   Our Bostonian children got a new iphone just two days before this adorable little man hit town...and it allowed us to be right there to ooh and aah over his arrival!   And what a sweet young man he is:

He had a mind of his own, flipping feet first until the last minute...but finally delivered all safe and sound.

And that wonderful technology now allows us to visit with his sweet mom and all his siblings as they enjoy the family's 'new toy'!
And so, it's a new year!   We're back on our feet, looking toward 2014 with renewed missionary energy!  So here are a few glimpses from the year's first Zone Conference:   

Our Elders often come in 'District ties' or 'companion ties', but this was a new take by the Sister Trainers. Hilarious.... but they're also a dynamite companionship.   They did part of the training. 

Our newest Elder, from Las Vegas (3 wks old).   He said it's a great place to live.  "Satan doesn't hide in Las Vegas.   You know exactly where he is, which makes it easier to be on the opposite side."   He's got a firm handshake and a great, outgoing manner. 

Sister Preston did a training on healthy eating to encourage some 'better habits' in the new year.   Some Elders eat really well...if one of them came out with some 'skills'.   

Our Preston Elders are in heaven right now because of Elder Hawks, the foursome's resident chef and scripture master (3rd from R). 

And here are our beautiful Sisters in the Zone.   My only sadness in this shot is that I think we might lose Preston's greatest friend in the next transfer.   She's loved and served these members to death, and they have the most solid investigator (25 yr old young man) right now that's going to be a 'kingdom builder'!   But...mission life goes on, and we'll worry about that when it happens....

Here's a parting shot Elder Meese took of our Elders' Quorum social last night.  Jason was even in town and attended!   

And just to lift any winter S.A.D. you've got going on (and who in England couldn't?):   "What do you call a dinosaur with a large vocabulary?  A 
thesaurus."   (love these)  "I couldn't figure out why the baseball was getting bigger...then it hit me."    Okay, think happy thoughts like we are and realize there is now an hour more light during the day than there was December 21!  


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  1. And one from Allie - "what did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt."