Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Beginnings...

Well, we're into a brand-spanking new year.   And it appears that our Preston missionary team is going to start just about 'new', too!   We were given the word yesterday that our four Elders would be whitewashing out of our ward, leaving just the Sisters and us as the veterans here!  

They just 'exploded' them into four different areas:   Manchester, New Castle, Rochdale, and The Office.   Elder Nicassio has been with us half our time in Preston, so that's going to be especially hard to see him go.   And even more traumatic, that wonderful young man in the middle gave his farewell testimony today.   He'll now be attending Blackpool Ward, where his new foster family is living.   They moved him out just before Christmas (Merry Christmas).   It was a pretty teary Sunday for everyone.   

But... as I told him, "You understand you are not losing us.   We will stay connected and grow even closer because of our common testimony of Christ. And I am sure we will all look back months from now and realise this was all in the Lord's plan for your best interests."   We all agreed, but we all cried. one of his recent posts and see why we're so amazed by the depth of this sixteen year old young man: 

Well, here are a couple of sweet pictures to lighten this post and tell you of some wonderful things still afoot: 

Bernard (third from left) gave his first lesson in Gospel Principles today.   He is going to be a natural.   And Siti (left) looks like a whole new man with his sharp 'mission' cut.   Considering that this was him a week ago, clowning with our 'platform-heeled' young ladies. 

The best 'missionary' news is that we get to keep our magnificent Sisters (the center two) for another transfer.   They have served and connected with just about every member in the ward.   They're magic.   And...yes, we are getting some new Elders on Wednesday.   We'll get two Chinese-speaking and two English.  And 2014 will be on its way!   

I'll close by leaving you with one of my favorite English shots.   It doesn't go with any missionary theme or story...but I love the young, fresh-scrubbed look of their police here! (and they don't even carry guns)  So here's to 'new beginnings', everyone!   *Happy 2014*

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