Thursday, January 9, 2014

One of the 'Perks'

Wow, look at this...a second post in a week!   Well, Elder Meese has so many reports he has to work on for a few days that I have some time.   Oh, and speaking of Elder Meese....great news - he passed his driving theory test!   Yea!   (You have a year to get a British license after you arrive)

It's a big deal here.   The missionaries study that big handbook and those hazard DVD's for weeks!   Now he has to sign up for 'driving instruction' (yes, even though he's been driving here for ten months) and then apply to take the 'practical' where the examiner rides around with you for an hour.
No wonder a British drivers' license is good till you're 75...without another test!   Also interesting, England has the second lowest death rate per driver in the world (only Malta has fewer).

Okay, so this blog heading is about a senior 'perk'.  We get 'extended time' to exercise in the morning.   Here it is, our own Fulwood Leisure Center.   We manage to make it here about 7am at least three times a week.

It's actually less than a mile from our house, so we can walk here in good weather.

We bike, treadmill, and do assorted machines.    I've noticed I'm the most out-of-shape old person there....BUT it helps to remind myself that's among those who are at the gym at 7am!

They just remodeled it before Christmas, and it looks a lot roomier.  There's also a pool downstairs!

Here's John, my favorite old crusty gym veteran.   He loves to push your buttons.   He was baptised a Mormon when he was young and vowed as an adult 'never to darken the door again after it was crammed down his throat as a child'.   I asked a few weeks ago if he was still blaming God for some questionable parenting skills.

He's great.   And here's why I admire him.   He has Multiple systemic muscular atrophy, making it a trick to even walk straight.   But after he walks an hour to get to the gym, then spends a couple of hours working out, he can handle the day pretty well.   If he doesn't work out daily, he'll lose what balance and abilities he has and be in a wheelchair.  He's what you'd call 'highly motivated'.   He's also a very enjoyable person to 'joust with' in the morning.

Okay, here was a sight at yesterday's Zone Conference that made me laugh.
I told this Elder his mom must really love him to spend those shipping charges on a bunch of Pop Tarts and Triple Oreos!   He just said, 'She does'.

I also forgot to mention that we lost our 'Russian poet' with this transfer.   This Elder was forever telling stories from his Romanian youth, drawing pictures for children, or folding origami swans.   And we'll miss his 'style'.  

Okay, one more delightful picture.   We are starting visits with this ward member to help her learn English.   She and her husband (and two children), all Spanish-speaking, moved here several weeks ago when he felt inspired that they should come here from their (Spanish speaking) ward in London.   He was serving in their bishopric.   Great family.   And look what she made just watching an on-line tutorial!  

Last week we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon together.   She read five verses in English and let me try one in Spanish.   We both had some chuckles.

And I'll close with this pretty shot.   You know how some places in Utah seem to have a church on every corner?   Same here....only larger.   We pass this one quite often in our travels.   I like it.   Lots of character.  Have a good week, dear friends and family.

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  1. I love everything about this post. Keep it coming!