Saturday, December 28, 2013

Images of Christmas

Well, Christmas seemed somehow to 'swoosh' right by us in a flurry of activity.   But it was really lovely while it lasted!   Here are a few memories:

Preston Ward's first attempt to 'carol' to people downtown.   We tried to avoid the downpour by ducking under the Mall's overhang outside...
until we were asked to leave (no permit to sing!).   * humbug *

So we walked down the street and sang outside an empty store!

The Nativity Presentation - during Sunday School time last Sunday.   The Best!   And that little Mary (in blue at right) was so sweet.   Joseph (front left
escorted his pregnant wife tenderly along, with arm around, to the manger.
Also notice that they removed the pulpit and railing for the play!

Final rehearsal for the Christmas Concert held at the chapel.   The mayors of South Ribble and Preston both attended!  I got to accompany, and notice Elder Meese, Jade, Siti and Jason all sang with them!  

The Carr family from Lancaster.  How do you get eight siblings with great voices and reading ability...
unless your name's Osmond!?

They were good.  

The only two who got sweets to turn out right this holiday.   Jade came over for an afternoon - fun.  

Elder Meese made four batches of his famous buttermilk candy - and they all worked!  

Here's the missionaries' official Christmas card insert.   An inspired idea by the sister missionaries, we took a card and photo, signed by all of us, to each active family in the ward.

The High Priests also did a 'blitz' to take invitations for holiday church events to every name on our roles!  

Christmas Day!   No frills, but it was sure a fun day.   We had this crew several hours and the sisters later.   It was so fun having them call home from our computer.   How great to see it from this side.  

We also tied two quilts for a women's shelter.  

Okay, here's a unique English phenomenon - Shloer!   Before the holidays, people were walking out of stores with cart loads of this.   It is evidently a 'have to' tradition at Christmas.   The only thing I can think is that it's similar to that white grape juice 'champagne' thing we do....only this is much, much bigger.  So fun - all three flavors!   Oh, and mince pie.   Mince meat pie...very big.   We've been offered mini-mince meat pies at almost every gathering.  
I've also had Christmas pudding - the kind that can stay on your shelf for years and never go bad.   It was sort of tasty, especially drowned in cream!

I think I'll just let the Three Wise Ladies sign off for now, and happy 'mid-holiday' to everyone!   We love you all.  

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