Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little Bit Of Home

One great thing about being a senior couple is the 'side benefits' you get.   For instance....if your children are planning to come to Europe, you can go 'on holiday' briefly to be with them!   So this past weekend, that's what we did!  

Jodi and Brandon made arrangements to fly over for a whirlwind tour of London and Paris, and made a stopover in our 'hamlet'.   It was predictably 'way too short' and also made us wish so much each of our children could make a flight.   But, it was a wonderful touch of home...and we'll take it.

We toured the streets of Chester, slept in a grand old bed and breakfast, and awoke to a proper English breakfast, and headed for Liverpool!  

Brandon flipped on "Penny Lane" as we drove down the actual street.   We jumped out like real tourists and snapped pictures of Beatles' childhood homes.   Jodi managed some great 'shelling' at Crosby (Ironman) Beach.  Then we were home for the most important event of the weekend:   Bernard's baptism.   

That's Bernard on the right.   You could not find a more sincere and humble young man.   Elder Meese conducted the service and I was able to speak.   Then we enjoyed the fellowship of friends around some refreshments as we remembered what a mission is all about!   So glad Rosses got to experience this with us.   And meet some of our favorite people!   

Sunday was even more enjoyable, introducing them to all our South Ribble and Preston friends.   So fun that we convinced them to stay through our 'P-day' Monday, and we toured a breathtaking old manor, Hoghton Tower.   I know, the photo below looks like it must be photoshopped!   But it was truly this woodsy and gorgeous.  

By the way, when was the last time you ordered a jacket potato filled with turkey, brie and cranberry? 
We had one at the Houghton Tower Tea Room.  

So, you talk, you laugh, you hear news from home.   You play a round of Quiddler and one of Speed Scrabble....and then,way too soon, they're off for London.  

 But it was way worth it.   And we're renewed.


So this morning, Elder Meese calmly says to me, "I hope we weren't planning to go anywhere in the next five minutes.   Come look out the window."    No notice, no attempt to contact us, just fresh cement. Well, back to 'real life'.   *sigh*  

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