Monday, September 16, 2013


One of the speakers yesterday said Autumn has definitely arrived.   In English vernacular, I think that means 'honeymoon's over; get set to be cold'.  By the way, the radio reported this past summer was one of the ten hottest they've had here!   No wonder I was in heaven.   It was absolutely balmy, in the 70's!  But on to a few positive events of this Fall.   First, Grace's first child is about to be born!   A couple more weeks and he ought to be here.   Since her husband is ginger-haired, they're planning on a little guy with a ginger 'fro'!

Having lived in several 'college towns' in the past, I love the increased excitement when you start to see all the students return from their summer 'holiday' home.   Our favorite returnee?   Sitikon is back!  Yea!

His hair is now a new shade, and he's had lazer surgery to end the need for glasses.   But he's the same wonderful Siti.   Even a 30-hour delay and fiasco with the airlines couldn't dampen his trademark smile.

He even showed up for Book of Mormon class the same day he arrived here.   That's dedication!

The Stake Fall Social - a 'hoedown'!   Okay, kids, get ready for the piñata!   Elder Meese, you'll be glad to hold it for us, won't you?

Notice the Stake President (glasses) intelligently back in the doorway with his counselor (jacket) also afar off!

What is better than a Fall baptism!   This wonderful young man has been meeting with the Elders and is looking toward the end of September for his baptism date.   It may happen while Rosses are here, which would be great.

This is also the time the streets seem filled with missionaries!   That's because all the school children are back in uniform, which means full suits (all day) for most schools.   Uniforms - I know it makes a good debate, but they sure have some advantages!

Autumn also means the last of the summer 'veggie' trays at zone meetings.   Do the Elders crave the vegetables we bring?   Nope - it's the American (Hidden Valley) Ranch dressing I bring with them.   You can't get it here.   They could drink it plain.   Funny, huh?

Okay, here's my latest greatest wish:   I would love to be able to hold Thanksgiving dinner for the Elders and Sisters in our zone.   Thanksgiving is, of course, non-existent here.   So if we didn't do something, it would be just another day.   We could hold it at the chapel.  We'd need lots of help, probably from sisters in both wards.   But I think we could do it!   We'd get lots of turkeys from Costco and farm them out to several families to cook.   Lots to think about....maybe it will all gel as we get closer.   My only concern is that two transfers ago our zone was 20 people.   Now it's 32.   What will it be by the end of November??   Stay tuned.

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