Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're Back!

It felt like an eternity, but Monday the BT truck finally pulled up and blessedly
hooked us up once again to internet service!

And so....let's see if I can bring you up to date on some of the happenings here!
First, I got to accompany a Roadshow!  I haven't felt those 'roadshow' juices coursing through my veins in quite a few years.   But I have to say, one of our wards has that magic combination of creative minds: a costume designer, a script writer, a musical whiz, dynamic director...Elder Meese sang in the chorus, and they invited me in to underscore their imaginative production.  

The plot - Farmer and wife leave for a brief trip; children left in charge try to 'improve' the animals' living conditions.   Cow ends up on 'sugar high' after living on donuts instead of grass, the Pig gets an exercise DVD and celery, get it.   Pretty cute. It ends with Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are".

Okay, this is one of my favorite photos, because this is the only time in the combined lives of these young squirrels, er...lambs that they were this still.   To see their natural state, see below.

Okay, here's a very cool thing that will happen this week.   Jason applied to go on a mini-mission.  I've never been familiar with these, but you are called and set apart to go live with the Elders in another area, and be a missionary for a week!   So he leaves this weekend, because they get a break in school for half-term.   Looking at this photo, could you tell me which was our zone leader and which was a 16-year old convert of five months?   He is just so happy.   The highlights of his days are when he's 'finding' or fellowshipping with the Elders.

One of the most emotional days of our mission was when we helped pack up our dear friend Ben as he left for a new home down South.   He'll be closer to his girlfriend and his international business can be conducted from anywhere.  Yes, it's a positive move for him. But oh, how we'll miss our dear Ward Mission Leader.   He's been a member just four years and eats, drinks and sleeps missionary work.   He's such a dynamic personality and bares his testimony every opportunity he gets to anyone who will listen.   He was also the 'creator' of our YSA family home evenings that have taken on a life of their own!

And speaking of FHE, remember that we wanted this little bungalow to host some of their gatherings?  Well, we've had two now.  And this place couldn't be more perfect for them.   Yes, the living room area would seem snug to some reading this, but for our area, it's 'just right'!   Here is a shot of our first FHE held here; it's just like I pictured the gathering in my mind.

There were actually four 'regulars' who couldn't come this night.   It's such an enjoyable group to be with! Keira (top right) is in charge as YSA Rep.  This group is one of the strongest arms of Preston Ward.

So coming up?   Mid-November we get a new Stake Presidency.   Pres. Blease (above) will be released, along with his two counselors...all of whom are strong members of our two Wards.   It will be interesting to see where they are all absorbed!   Until then....

I'll just be right in our cozy little
living room!  

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