Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello from Sis. Meese!   I decided to let you see my 'workspace' where I post.   Elder Meese is hard at work in his own space.   Notice the brand new Ikea table set brought to us by the wonderful 'office Elders' Saturday.


                                                           Today we attended a Preston Zone Conference.  
                                                           Twenty Elders, taught by the zone leaders - 10:30 to 4:00.   
                                                           This is our little chapel - before 'opening for business'. 

Our zone leaders, Elder Hill (W. Virginia) and Elder Roberts (Layton, Ut!) 
They're illustrating the mission goal - 350 baptisms this year.   

When we finished lunch, Elder Roberts handed out copies of an extract from 
p. 51-52 of Preach My Gospel, and said, "Okay, Elders, we're now going to 
find scriptural support for every sentence in this handout.   There followed two hours 
of the most amazing continual flow of scriptures I have heard.   

At one point I had to ask, 'Are you all just pulling scriptures from memory that you've 
used in discussions, or are you looking any of these up?'   They were actually drawing 
on scriptures they'd used and committed to memory.   And there were so many!    I was 
just dumbfounded.     It went like this:   

Elder Roberts:   "Next sentence - Jesus Christ overcame the obstacle of physical death for us." 
Elder H:  "How about Alma 7:12?"  He reads it. 
Elder D: "There's 1 Corinthians 15:22".   He reads it. 
Elder Roberts.   "Those are good.   How about one more." 
Elder W:  "Alma 11:42".   He reads it.   
Elder Roberts.  "Good.   Let's go to the next sentence."    There were 36 sentences that they
quietly verified together through scripture....for two hours...after which they closed with a
testimony meeting.   It would be hard to explain the feeling after that time together.   It was just...amazing.   


  1. Incredible.
    You're not in the "Mr. Brown" zone conferences anymore. Did they leave a pause in the action to allow for their Elder & Sister Meese contributions?

    Also, is this the new place or the cotton factory?

  2. We're avidly following your six-entry blog. We love you! Sariah & Co.