Sunday, March 17, 2013

To our patient family and friends - Hooray, we're settled!   Sorry it's taken a while to post.   We didn't have Wifi until recently, or the time to sit down and post!   But here are a few first impressions!   We're having a great time.   The best part of the mission is the Elders.   They are so dedicated and into the work.   We were also greeted very warmly by both wards that we're now a part of - South Ribble and Preston.   (Preston ward is the oldest continuously operating unit in the church.  It was formed in 1837!)   

One sweet sister took both my hands and said, 'You can't even begin to know how grateful we are to have you here.   Senior missionaries add so much strength to the ward.'   

The lobby of our flat - an old converted cotton mill 
turned into 180 units. 

Fred ascending to our front door.   

 The Preston MTC!   It has around 80 Elders 
right now.   Our mission receives about 36 
new Elders and Sisters next week!   

Bro. Wild, our wonderful neighbor.   They released him 
from the Stake High Council today to be YM Pres!  I 
think he's all of 26.   His wife is YW Pres! 

Couldn't resist - he was wandering about the chapel before 
church.   Yes, they have stackable chairs for pews.   The 
chapel is 'multi-functional'!    

What I wouldn't give for a Utah-sized road! 


  1. Hooray! You are there. So great to hear from you. Keep up the updates. We're all ears.

  2. Yikes, that road looks tight. Do they ask you to butter your doors before driving some of those streets?