Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well, we made a real U.K. purchase today - our own 'sat-nav'!  (That's English for GPS - they call it their satellite navigation, or 'sat.nav').    Anyway, we've been borrowing an extra from the mission office, and now....we're official!

May I say, I am really impressed by Elder Meese's driving abilities here (which is a major compliment for those that know our driving history together!).    He can now even navigate between local points without any sat-nav....total heads-up driving (as when Luke removed his screen to be directed entirely by the Force).   I am in awe that he can navigate every roundabout (occurring approx. every other block!) and decipher every signal-laden intersection with relative ease.

He also swerves effortlessly up onto the curb or into the oncoming traffic lane to enable a car to pass - just as all the other English drivers do.   Miracle #89 of our mission - I am a relaxed driving companion!

Two Amazing Bishops

This is Bishop Cooper.   He has been out of the hospital about four days, recovering from kidney disfunction and heart problems.   They have just moved into a single-level flat to accommodate the dialysis they anticipate might be ahead.     This is his third time to serve as bishop; his daughter is Relief Society President, his son is over the Young Men.   He is also blessed with a delightful, quick-witted wife who has her nursing degree!

I think Sis. Cooper and I were 'cuzzins' together in the previous life!   She is definitely a kindred spirit I'm going to love!

And this is Bishop and Sis. Grubb.   He is barely 30-something, she turns 30 this week!   They have three busy children under six.  Their son, in the center, has autism.   Their daughter is a 'blur' each week as she runs back and forth to the stand followed by her tireless mother.   They live eleven miles from the chapel and are awesome in their good humor and obvious affection for each other.

Sister Grubb says her mother is the photographer here.   Every 'group' picture of the children is photoshopped together, she laughed,  because she would never be able to get them to pose in a single shot!

Last shot.   The young lady on the right is from Romania and teaches in Relief Society.   She's a return missionary - 27 yrs old.   The ward is hosting a reception for she and her fianc√© in April.   She's wonderful, and they're starting on a shoestring.  

The lady on the left is a midwife.   I met her Sunday and she invited us to Easter dinner!   Her husband won't be too happy, she says, because he doesn't like the church.   But....she doesn't care.   Should be an interesting Easter!

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  1. Love the pictures and the stories. Can't believe your heart has withstood Fred's driving on the opposite side of the road. love hearing the updates whenever you get a chance!