Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

It's been a long but beautiful Easter day, and I have to put down a remembrance of the miracles of today before I go to bed.   But actually, our Easter spirit began a few days ago...

We invited our sweet Spanish friends to dinner and 'cookie decorating' while their mum was visiting her family in Ecuador.   This bright and endearing young man reminds me so much of an older version of our grandson Graham.   He took a plate of the finished products home with him to save for his mother and sister.

Friday evening we held a missionary fireside for Good Friday.   It was a combination of scripture readings assembled by Elder Meese, interspersed with hymns and three of the beautiful new church videos (shown on the wall in front of the chapel).    There's nothing like hearing a group of missionaries singing the Easter hymns in full voice!  

Well, both wards gave us the opportunity to be in charge of their Easter sacrament service today. We used the same format - scripture readings from the last week of the Saviour's life...with solos, duets, missionary quartets and congregational songs.   Both meetings were so filled with the spirit it would be difficult to describe.

When we sang the closing hymn of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", I just about couldn't see the organ music.   I looked down at Elder Meese after the meetings, and we didn't have to say anything to each other.    What a blessed day.

Here are two of the men that brought such spirit into the meetings:   Elder Webb used his beautiful voice to sing "O Saviour, Thou That Wearest A Crown".   Siti made us all cry when he sang his very touching testimony  - "I Stand All Amazed".  

Our Sunday School class was wonderful.   They have even begun to ask questions, which is a milestone for our group.   They were so good, I was even forced to bring them an 'American' Easter treat.  

And to end a beautiful Easter day, what would you rather do than fill your home with missionaries for 'tea'?   Elder Manning made one of the best desserts I've tasted lately!  

Being on a mission it's  easy to focus your thoughts on the Saviour.   This Easter it just felt like you wanted to continually bear testimony to everyone of the good news of Christ's atonement and resurrection.   When our cynical old gym friend, John, said "Oh, it's just another day to me", I knew he was just pushing my buttons.   He'd be disappointed if I didn't remind him it was only the most important day that has ever happened in the history of the world.

One of our other gym acquaintances and his wife balanced John's view out last week, though.  After talking with Elder Meese that morning,  he came over to the bike and gave me a kiss of peace on the cheek from he and his wife because they, too, were Christians and were celebrating Holy Week.  

Happy Easter, Everyone.   He lives.  

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