Monday, April 21, 2014

Bits and Bobs

* Note:   I actually wrote this entry before Easter, but neglected to post it!   So...
read this one BEFORE the Easter entry if you're concerned about chronology!

Well, our computer is starting to complain.   We evidently don't have enough storage space. Taking too many photos?  Never.  You can never take too many 'time capsule' memories. As long as you just don't try to show them all to friends when you get home!

So that said, here are a few 'bits and bobs', as they say here, from the past couple of weeks.   The first is just to say 'hooray for General Conference'! We watched it (live at at the chapel with the missionaries and a few YSA friends.   All the ward members were home, just like you, watching comfortably on their lap tops, etc.   But it was really thrilling to hear the new messages and feel the spirit together, wherever we were!

We also continued our assignment to inspect the Elders' flats, this time to a pair of Russian Elders.   They invited us to the 'Russian Night' they hosted for their ward, where they fed us homemade borscht and other native delights!   I just had to include this photo; could you look more dedicated or obedient than this young Elder on the left, barely grasping English from his Russian companion and tutor?

Here's a blessed event.   After a year of looking at copies with black lines through them, Elder Meese decided to work his way through the system and secured a brand spanking new printer for the chapel! I think the other one was close to 15 years old.  It will be a joy to print next week's 'order of service' (a.k.a. the bulletin).

One of the Preston Ward members teaches drama at a local high school.   We went to see a production of her special needs students.  It was absolutely amazing.  They had found a way to 'showcase' each person's abilities in some very clever scenarios. One 'star trek' skit had the students in wheel chairs cast as the alien invaders, riding through in their motorized chairs with foil-covered helmets and antennae. Brilliant.    

Did I mention the success of our first FHE at the church?   We got permission to be there the first week of each month.   We baked up some Costco spicy chicken, fixed fried rice and a fruit bowl... voile, dinner!   Elder Meese did a great Conference Quiz for the lesson.  The night was a success.

Elder Meese has also been busy with the AUF program, which took us to this Manchester Zone Conference. There we met this wonderful man, Pres. Brown - Pres. Preston's new counselor.   I guess he'll carry through the transition with the new mission president in July.  He was one of the 'baseball baptisms' in the 1960's when missionaries interested young men in learning about the gospel by inviting them to play ball with them.  A charming man who has dedicated his life to gospel service.

Okay, I'm going to close for now, showing you just how fast life can change. This time the stimulus for change was P-day football!   So now you see our District Leader (right) healthy and strong.

Several days later, our living room, same Elder, after a friendly P-day missionary game on a beautiful afternoon.  A freak twist of the leg threw his knee cap to the right side of his leg and landed him in the hospital to be splinted.  Tomorrow we pick him up to go for an MRI. How quickly life changes..... we just hope for good news about projected recovery time!

Well, on that note, I'll close.   I wonder if Elder Smith is tired of being primary care giver to his companion yet?   These are the 'refining' times in a companionship!  

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