Saturday, June 1, 2013

Great Days, New Friends!

This photo has nothing to do with any event of the week.   It's just a sweet little stone bench visible from our living room window, and I'm becoming very fond of it.   The more growth that forms around and on it, the more endearing it is.   So, with this grand evidence of English Spring, let me say, we had one of our best Sundays of the mission this week!   These are some reasons why:

*    Our sweet friend Jason was confirmed a member of the church by our wonderful ward mission leader, Ben!   

*   Our other wonderful friend, Siti, (a three-week old member) was ordained a Priest!

*   Two ward members came up to us with names of people they would like us to contact.   It's a lot easier for members to give 'referrals' to senior missionaries, because they're most often members who have just dropped away....and are missed.   

*   Our Elders Quorum President had a brief meeting with us and gave us five families he'd like us to visit.   

*   Sister Leece contacted me after church and asked if I would be willing to conduct a summer Institute choir in Chorley!   It will be Thursday evenings.   Yahoo!   

*   Adele AND her mother showed up at sacrament meeting and stayed for the entire block.   And...they said they'd see us for Wednesday Book of Mormon class.   So great.   

So, this Sunday was one of those 'occasional beautiful vistas' referred to by Pres. Hinckley.   

The young lady shown with us spoke at Jason's baptism.   She's a university student who 
is a wonderful fellowshipper.  She's also helping us work with Adele! 

So, here is our last new piece of good news for this blog:   
we have some new friends!   The mission has gained a new couple, Bro. and 
Sister Whitehead.   They're from Utah, and they're wonderful.   The mission could 
use at least twice the number of couples we have out here, so it's always great to see 
the reinforcements arrive!   

In our mission of 52 wards and branches, there are five Senior 
couples in the field and two in the office.   Wouldn't it be great if every unit 
had at least one couple to help 'hold up the hands which hang down' (D&C 81:5).

We took a P-day together to show our new friends the history of Preston 
and we all had such a good time together.   

And by the way, notice who were not wearing coats that day?   Could we possibly 
finally be acclimating??   Not likely.  This was just taken an hour earlier than the other
 picture.  That's how quickly the weather changes!     

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  1. How beautiful you both look. And the English landscaping is beautiful. I'm so happy that you have another couple to help you and for all the good people and friends you are around. I love your pictures