Monday, May 27, 2013

So, about Mr. Darcy....

I suppose I'd better do another blog to clarify the picture about being in 'Mr. Darcy's home'.   This is how that went:

Our beloved Pres. Preston (a soft touch for his Sister Army) decided to have a 'uniting outing' to allow sisters a day to get acquainted with one another.   So he and Sister Preston took them (and all of us as senior missionaries!) to Lyme Park, home of the famous mansion used as Mr. Darcy's home in the BBC production of "Pride And Prejudice" (the only TRUE version).

By the way, I love the way Pres. Preston says his 'missionaries'.   It's like 'MISH.neries', almost like just two syllables.   Hard to describe, but beautiful.

Great idea....terrible weather!   It could not have been rainier, colder or more wind blown if it had to be that day.   Thank heavens for sisters; they chatted on with each other and had a great time despite.

Here's a great 'tidbit' from the filming of 'Pride and Prejudice'.   One of our guides was on grounds for the filming.   She was with the crew behind the shrubbery as Mr. Darcy was about to enter the scene, having just 'come in from the downpour'.   The call went out, '3, 2, 1...action', and they threw two buckets of water on our leading man from opposite sides.   Then he stepped into his boots and came 'into the scene'.   She said if you look closely, you'll notice his boots are 'bone dry'.    Loved it.

By the way, the most recent residents of this mansion (1946) used it as a hunting lodge and stayed here only a few weeks a year.   Really????   Oh well, think of the heating bill.   They turned it to the National Trust after that.   We bought a year's pass to the Trust, so we'll have to try to visit more of these!

Here's one part the Sisters loved:  they had period clothes you could don to come up on stage in the 'children's playroom'.    The residents evidently put on Christmas plays here; it's the only place in the mansion that photographs are allowed.   A pity, too, because the interior is just as opulent as you'd suppose.

The sisters were actually able to do some missionary work that day, just by their presence!   Several people asked why all these lovely girls were here; they were enthralled to hear they were here at their own expense for 18 months to share the gospel.   It's pretty inspiring to people.

Couldn't leave this out.   Elder Meese was entranced by the curling growth pattern of this fern.   It was in the 'orangery' where we took refuge from the rain and cold.

Well, they say the grounds around the park are lovely.   Another day, maybe.....   but it was wonderful to be with the senior missionaries and Sisters for just one P-day.   Good night, Mr. Darcy, wherever you are!

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  1. Love reading your blog! I'll need to go watch all 8 hours again just to see the dry boots. The fern curly-Qs look like "fiddleheads." They eat them in eastern Canada and they apparently taste a bit like asparagus. Try some for me. Love you guys!