Monday, May 6, 2013

We've been initiated....

Well, I don't think you're a true 'local' till you've put away a few fish and chips.   So after asking several of the people their opinions on finding an authentic BRITISH shop, it turns out we have a great one about a block away!   So Saturday, Elder Meese and I stopped by the 'Barracks Chippy' (it's right across the green from a former army barracks).

This great, friendly little guy was proprietor and sole cook at the time.   He battered the fish right in front of us and deep-fried the daylights out of it, along with a mountain of fries.   We told him half the fries would do nicely.   So for about $12 (8 pounds, but I haven't found the 'pound' key yet) we took home our year's supply of grease with a side of protein!   

 He asked why we were in the U.K.   Elder Meese tried to interest him in going on, but he said he was trying to cut back his own work so he could serve a mission for HIS church.   If my system could take the cholesterol, I'm sure we'd become good friends with this man!

Last night was the monthly Mission Home Fireside for new members.   I've already mentioned the two young men on the ends.   The man in the center is the Hancock's friend, newly baptized, from Bolton.   But the young lady was brought to the Elders by Jason (left).   He's finding investigators and his own baptism isn't until the 25th!   Oh my, is he something.

I asked this girl if she'd ever been to a fireside.   She said this is her first experience attending a  church!   She's very sweet.   But here's a side note for all you concert-goers.   She screamed so much at a Justin Bieber concert several months ago that she ruined her vocal chords and has to have surgery to be able to speak again.   Hard to believe.

Well, to end I'll show you the senior version of 'the white book'.   Elder Meese synced our ipads together so every appointment shows up on them both as well as the laptop.   Now if I can just check it often enough to stay out of trouble!   Our love to everyone, Cheers!


  1. I bet Barrack's Chippy doesn't have fried twinkies though . . . .

  2. So much fun.
    We love the entries.
    I could have sworn that I'd be better writing after you guys never missed a week while I was out, excuses. At least we get to call you on Mother's day in 24 hours.

    You guys look great. I'm eager to hear every update. From the most recent posts it sounds like you're finding a second home across the pond. Great to hear.