Monday, April 29, 2013

Places we go, People we see!

So Saturday, Elder Meese and I drove to the Preston Stake Center in Chorley to watch the first run through of the coming British Pageant!   It's going to be good.  This man has one of the main parts. Oh, and Diana, they include the spirited story of George Watt outrunning his competitor to the banks of the River Ribble to be the first baptized!

On the same day, we attended the delightful wedding of Eni and Peter, the young couple in the ward who met at a YSA Conference in Hungary.  Good save Peter; it could have been a disaster.

 Since neither had any family in the area, the Relief Society 'adopted' this event as their own...and it was quite the happening!

A traditional British dance troupe (below), food galore (including roast legs of lamb), and later...everyone joined in under the disco  lights for dancing together!

Transfer Day happens this Wednesday.   I've felt really attached to the Elders in our area, and it will be hard to see them go.   Back row left, Elder H. will transfer to...home!   Our Honduran Zone leader next to him will be the only one staying; he'll get a new French companion.   In front, our Samoan Elder will be out in Wales, and our tall friend, Elder G. will head to Newcastle.   It was really an honor to have the four of them to dinner (nobody can out eat Elders) last night for one last 'hurrah' in the Preston area. We're going to miss them.

We're also losing two of our South Ribble Elders who have been great companions to one another for one transfer. They white washed in, opening a new area. And now are white washing out (both Elders leave at the same time).  The only upside to that?   We are gaining a Sister companionship!   And they will be one of two sets of sisters designated as Training Sisters in the mission!!  Hold on, Elders, the work is going forth!

This photo is about two great events:  one that recently happened and the other that is about to happen.
Two weeks ago Siti, the Thai member of this foursome, was baptized.   He is so devoted to his new faith and just makes you smile when you listen to him in Gospel Essentials class.   We were invited on one of his lessons with the Elders, and I just can't explain how refreshing he is in his respect, optimism and faith.

The young man on the left has just been given permission to be baptized, after waiting quite a while for his family's hearts to soften.   He's felt the spirit and has known the missionaries are teaching true principles for weeks now...and now he has a baptism date, within a month!   He's very smart, and quite congenial, and he's....fifteen.   No kidding.   Turns 16 this month.  Amazingly mature for his age.

The other two are cousins, and the kind of member-fellowshippers every missionary dreams of.    The young man in glasses is recently returned from a mission himself, and he is at every function where there's an investigator.   He's worth a million, but may be leaving for school in the states.

I just couldn't resist this.   We were at the Dr. for some baseline bloodwork, when Elder Meese began playing 'grandpa' with this little guy.   By the time we were called in, he had absolutely captivated him. (You know, the 'eternal handshake', the tickle bug, etc.)  Elder M. gave his mom a pass along card (Does God Really Care About My Family?) when they left.   This picture still makes me smile.

As for Elder Meese and I, we are still doing well.   We love both our wards and are adjusting well to life in the mission field.   Some things that were strange are now normal...hopefully that will soon include us!

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