Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Time! No Time!

How did this happen?   How could we be at the end of things?   I was going to tell about the wonderful events of the past week...the combined party, the YSA farewell FHE, the dinners, the neighbour's gestures,... but there's been no time.  It just started going too fast!

 No, seriously, no time to sit down at the all.   And now we're packing to head out the door to Manchester, to spend the night at the mission home.   Really??

How did it all rush by so fast, like someone just did a fast-forward of our lives?
Well, I promise, the minute anything slows enough to sit down, I'll catch up.

Until then, we...and little Andre, our gentle Romanian giant, wish you all a wonderful day from beautiful Preston.

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