Saturday, August 9, 2014

There are many kinds of miracles!

So you remember that Siti has been learning to play the piano.   Well, he has progressed quite well!   He can now play "We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet" from the simplified hymns!   But here's the great part:  Sis. Whitehead just informed me about a church program that allowed me, as a missionary, to apply for a grant and get a keyboard for our budding musician to use at home!    We applied, were accepted, and it was shipped...on August 5.   It arrived on....(drum roll) August 9!!   I'm saying that nothing, but nothing has ever arrived in England from the states that quickly.   I had prayed it would get here in enough time to help us make some good progress, but this was phenomenal!

Now we just have to show our gratitude and get busy.   Siti has to complete the entire keyboard course before we can apply for him to keep the keyboard.   What a great program the church has to give aspiring church accompanists around the world a 'leg up' in their music education!

So what else is happening this week?   Well, we recently attended a fireside in Manchester and saw.... President Preston!   How odd to see him attending as just a member of Ashton ward, bringing an investigator!   By the way, did I mention he has received a new calling?   In January, he becomes President of the Preston MTC!   Wow, they just gave him NO turnaround time to put his feet up.   He will be wonderful.
That same day, Elder Meese got to hug our new Assistant, Elder Durrant!   He's our great young Elder that served in Preston for what felt like about '20 minutes'.
We knew he had some serious leadership qualities, but I think he's only been out a little over a year.   The new president is moving things around!

We also had a zone meeting in Lancaster this week and happened upon a very familiar-looking trio of Elders!   Yup, that's Jason, serving his second mini-mission.   His blonde companion is one of the Elders that introduced HIM to the gospel.   What a great last transfer gift for Elder Greenland.

And from the same zone meeting, a tableau during break time - from several Elders who remember 'the pose':

I have to say, I am so impressed with our young Swiss Elder on the lower right.   On the ride to meeting, he mentioned he had taken a course in world histories in school.  So we asked him to explain the American revolution.   He gave the most accurate and detailed account I've heard.   Elder Meese and I just looked at each other.   Could any of our American Elders do the same?

Okay, and speaking of impressive, our South Ribble Sisters are just tearing up the area!   They have trouble finding time to 'find' because they're teaching lessons all day.   So wonderful.    They did a training in zone meeting on using family history to teach people about the gospel.   They said they ALWAYS travel with their little 'My Family' booklets now and use them constantly.

Family History - the new focus of the mission.   Elder Meese has taught two sessions on it to both South Ribble and Lancaster Districts.   And we used it last week to teach one of the couples we're meeting with!

This is also a picture of Elder Meese doing family history.   Can't see him?   That's because he's over there in the corner at the city library helping someone during the designated weekly 'family history' time!   True - the community is really gaining interest in it.

So what else has gone on?   Well, Book of Mormon class continues to be a new surprise every week!   And those men that came to visit a couple of weeks ago?   They're still there!

Let me stop and say that our new Elder Candland (left) is that most 'ungreen' greeny I think I've met.   I'd like to have been a mouse in the corner to see how his parents raised such a mature and solid young man.   His testimony is already strong, and he and Elder Ramsey are just having miracle moments everywhere they walk!   They are now meeting weekly with a group of young men they approached in the park.

YSA?   Still looking good!   This month's 'first Monday' at the chapel was a hamburger BBQ in gorgeous weather.   Our golden YSA, Naomi (right) then gave a wonderful lesson on Joseph Smith's calling as a prophet.

We were also invited in to a member's house for traditional African food on their son's birthday.   I had to become one of 'those people' and take a picture of it!

We also helped move this wonderful UCLAN student into a new flat this morning.    She works totally long hours, but we're hoping to find a time she can come and cook African food for us!   She says she'd love that.

And on that note, I'll close and go to bed.   But here's a pretty shot that we pass every day in our travels.   Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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  1. Thank you for letting us share in the excitement of all your "miracles." And that lost shot of the flowers? Wow. Just wow.