Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Back!

Hooray!   My husband made a new file for me so I can download my latest photos, and I'm back in business!   I can't exactly access my old ones, and our external drive is still in ICU, but I'm not complaining.   Here are the latest happenings:

We have met our new President and wife.   President Ulrich (he says 'rich') held his first multi-zone conference in Chorley today, and it was a pretty impressive meeting.   He definitely has a vision for the mission - we are going to be both a 'doctrine of Christ' mission and a 'Preach My Gospel' mission.  

He told the missionaries that he had an impression before coming out that awoke him at 4 am.  It was that the work in the England Manchester Mission is about to explode.   The digital devices we'll acquire this Fall will aid that tremendously, but he felt the main impetus would be a new focus on Family History.   He wants every missionary newly trained and ready to speak with everyone about how to find their ancestors!   Pretty exciting.  

By the way, I always have to chuckle at the sight of the temple grounds parking lot on a zone conference day.   A little Vauxhall gathering going on...

Okay, elsewhere in the mission.....

The young Elder from Denmark we've been visiting regularly had some good news this week...after twelve days in the hospital overcoming a ruptured appendix, he will be returning to the MTC!   Of course his original group has left for the Scotland/Ireland mission by now, so now he will be part of a brand new group!   His journal entries for the start of his mission should be pretty original!  

Interestingly, his decision to return to activity in the church and serve a mission was begun when he decided to attend an EFY in Denmark and heard Brad Wilcox speak.   Something he heard caused our Elder to ponder his own life and he decided he was really missing something.   And his journey back began.  

And speaking of journeys, this Saturday the sweet man below will begin his life as a member of Church!   From the moment the Sisters found John, he loved the doctrine he was hearing.    After attending the first Fast and Testimony meeting, he determined to be baptised!   And he has only increased in faith and determination since.   It should be a wonderful day!

On another note, our YSA group is holding together just fine!  We've gained a new investigator (who is dated for baptism!), and the spirit at FHE's is still wonderful.  This 'summer crew' will hold things together until the students begin to return in August.   Our new leader Cassie (left of Sis. Klemm) will take over for Kiera (standing, left) who graduates next week!  There are also two people offering to begin holding FHE at their flats....just as we'd hoped things would move.

Here are two more sweet YSA's from Preston ward who invited us over for an authentic African dinner!   It was such a wonderful evening.   They lived in the South of France until Victoire (right) came over to study at UCLAN.   Her sister just arrived two weeks ago, also hoping to stay and study.  

Their obvious affection and feeling of unity with one another...and their whole family... was so endearing.   Unfortunately, we rarely see Victoire; she seems to work all the time. But I'm hoping with her very outgoing sister here, things could somehow change.  

Have I mentioned that the weather here has been like living in San Diego?   I shouldn't tempt fate by saying it out loud, but we could not have asked for more gorgeous days than most of them we've had lately.   This week we especially enjoyed the blue skies as we traveled up to Carlisle to inspect a missionary flat.   The Senior Couples are assigned to do that quarterly.   Anyway, here is what the trip looked like:

And, on our way back to Preston we took a side road to look at the remains of Shap Abbey, a 'pre-monastery' church and quarters for the 'canons' who lived the thirteenth century!   Now, if you look at me standing next to this tower, don't you have to ask yourself, "How in the world"?   I mean, how do you build something that size without cranes...without anything?  

Well, on that note, I'll close.   Have a wonderful week.   We are both doing well and seeing so many blessings each day that hold us up and help us move along in the Lord's work!  

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