Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Best Days...

The best days are 'Baptism Days'!   We've had two in the past month, with two more looking possible for July!   In our mission, that's a lot!   Elder Meese was asked to baptise both of these men, although I only have a picture of he and David. My ipad was throwing fits and refusing to take pictures the day of the other baptism (keeps insisting I have no more storage; we've tried more than a few remedies).  Anyway, here is one of the sweet moments:

David was so excited about his baptism he could hardly wait for the day.   The minute he was taught about the Word of Wisdom he threw out his cigarettes and brought home a year's supply of mints.

It's still Spring/Summer here...intermittently.   I had to show you our lovely Preston temple grounds.   The man who cares for them is in our ward, and he's an artist.

We are so blessed to live near the temple.   It takes about the same time to come here that it took to get to Bountiful at home.   The young missionaries are also allowed to attend, but only on 'Bank Holidays'.   We had one recently, so the sessions were crowded with Elders and Sisters!  

Another sign of Summer - Bishop Grubb's 'annual' shearing.   You wouldn't appreciate the difference in appearance unless you had the 'before' photo, but several ward members failed to recognise him! 

Here's my favourite Summer photo so far:  my thoughtful companion took us to a local nursery to add some colour to our little yard. It was actually quite cold and rainy when we brought these home, but he said he had to plant 'while the fit was upon him'!   

Here's another sign - our FHE group playing games in our back 'garden'.  It was going on 9 in the evening last Monday, and brilliantly light!   Yea!   

This week's FHE was the monthly gathering at the chapel.   This is when we serve more of a meal and try to invite more friends and non-members to join us.   This time Elder Webb made English pancakes, for which the YSA brought toppings. 

After dinner, a couple of the YSA's had googled up quite an inventive activity for the night:  build a banana split, in your partner's mouth!   Started pretty funny...ended pretty disastrously as you can imagine.   Plenty o' chocolate and whipped cream in eyes, nose, shirts.... 

Luckily they ended the evening with a 'tamer' favourite so everyone went home friends!   

Well, it's now less than three weeks till our 'mission father' is released and we get a new mission president.    When he came to our district meeting this week, we had to take the opportunity to get one more photo with he and Sister Preston.   And with this sweet picture, I'll sign off for another week and head to bed.   Elder Meese and I never have a problem falling asleep at the end of the day!   So best wishes from South Ribble District in the EMM!   

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