Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy 'Pancake Day'!

True.   It's a national holiday.   I think it's even international.   Officially, it's 'Shrove Tuesday'; it comes right before Lent, and you can google it up to learn more. also marks our official one-year anniversary!   And to mark it, I'll tell you a couple of great things going on in our area.   But first...

Everyone at district meeting contributed toppings, and the Elders stoked up the frying pans to make English pancakes (a.k.a. 'crepes') for our lunch.

I also had to show you the delighted face of our district leader, who just received a valentine box from his grandparents.   Don't watch this, darling grandchildren.   Your grandmother loves you, but she's way too cheap to spend $80 on postage for this box of treasures.

Okay, so here are some of the wonderful 'happenings' in the mission this week:   the new five-story YSA building opened next to Manchester U.
The Pews gave us a guided tour - it has its own chapel, activity room, class rooms, and baptismal font!

The only thing it desperately does all of England, is more parking spaces!  

The font - basement.   By the way, did you know that what we call 'first floor' is 'ground floor' here.   Our 'second floor' would be known as the 'first floor' in England.   A little confusing.....but isn't this all just beautiful?  

A second great piece of news - Preston is really growing!   The chapel was almost full Sunday!   And there were five investigators there.  

The wonderful young man seated will be baptised this Saturday!

And this great new investigator from Latvia joined us at church as well.

The Preston activities are also being well-attended!   Last week, we had the 'Great Preston Cake-Off', where everyone was invited to bring a baked creation.   We all 'judged' piece after another!

The members in South Ribble are often doing the nicest things for us.   This sweet sister slips us a chocolate bar before meetings each week because we're at the chapel from 10 to 5.   And this week, she brought me this handmade necklace because 'we all consider you our mother and father'.   She said she put every color gemstone on it 'so you can wear it with every outfit'.

Another good thing that happened Sunday was that our Sunday School class really participated!   They answered questions, stayed focused together, and seemed to really understand the concept!   Any week the class goes that well is a good week!   So, on that note, I'll leave you with the latest picture of Hunter, still one of the cutest little guys in the mission - even when he's eating Elder Meese's tag.   Love you all!   

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