Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The End, and just The Beginning...

Well, pageant closed Saturday, playing to packed crowds to the end.   I'm sure everyone in the cast slept through at least one meeting Sunday.   I had hopes of seeing Elder Meese's last performance, but when the announcement came, 'We're going to ask all members now to make a real Zion move and give up their seats for those waiting outside to see it for the first time', moral right prevailed with a crowd of us, and we gathered on the hill outside and listened to the wonderful music once more.   These darling children (with Sis. Crookston) and their parents were some who left.   (The little guy knew how to use my iPad gospel coloring book perfectly...scarey)

It's hard to choose which images from Pageant to show, but these are a few of my favorites.   On our return, I'm sure we'll have enough to bore any of you to death who want a more complete description.

Below is 'George Watt', a great wiry man who made the dash through the crowds each night to be the first to the' River Ribble'.   People applauded the race!

Did I mention the night this ginger-haired lad got his actual mission call?   They announced, pre-performance that he would be leaving for South Korea in October!   There was a huge cheer that went up from all 1,500 of us!

'Ann Cannon', who died aboard ship mid voyage.  As her son (George Q Cannon), stepped stage front and said, 'Our mother fell asleep without a sigh and was buried sea', she rose from her bed and shed her blanket.   Her specially-constructed 'pioneer' attire gave way and she walked in beautiful white to join the choir on the 'bridge' behind as they sang "Oh What Songs Of The Heart".

The festivities outside prior to the pageant each night were so wonderful.   I found this charming couple amid the quilting demonstrations, gunny-sack races, arm wrestling and folk dancing.   They just returned from their third mission; I think it was one proselyting, one genealogy and one humanitarian.  

Some people just looked too good in costume to pass up.   I was just taken with those below.  The choir member with the wife in plaid is a pilot in his 'day job'.

The man holding his daughter did a masterful job as Heber C. Kimball.   This picture also reminds me of how many early apostles did leave several children as they departed for lengthy missions.

More than one person thought this choir member could pass for Joseph Smith or one of his brothers.

Well, I could go on...but my favorite of the performance was still the handsome bass in red suspenders at the back of the bridge.  (Who let that American in here??)

Well, the aura of the pageant still lingers all around our area.   But the decision of whether they ever erect the massive marquee again will lie in the resulting changes.   Does missionary work see a decided increase?   Do less active members remember what kindled the fire of their testimonies?   Do active members feel more unified and closer to their Savior?   Do we all serve in our callings with renewed energy and love?   Of course everyone felt it was an outstandingly professional production - astounding  all who came.   But the important thing will be how many 'felt' the truthfulness of what they were viewing.

At the end of the day, it is all about what goes on in our hearts and this building.

All is well; all is well.   


  1. I have loved reading about the pageant and your wonderful descriptions of all that went on! The Church News has reported on it. When they mentioned William Tyndale, it reminded me that one of my ancestors, John Rogers, helped him translate the Bible and was burn at the stake for refusing to deny it. We are so proud to be his descendants! The Gospel is true!!!

  2. Oh how I wish we could have seen it. Thank you for helping us live vicariously. You've been a part of something amazing that will last in the hearts of many forever.

  3. Mary Ann, how great to hear from you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have now found yours (obviously) and will breathlessly await further posts. It looks like you are having a wonderful time as missionaries. I wish we could have fit in a trip to England to visit before we leave Europe. And to answer your question, Yes, this is what comes from being too good at your job!