Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Sneaky Post While He's Gone!

It would be hard to find a better companion than I have.    He's away this morning, helping our young bishop.   I wish I had my ipad out there to capture pictures of it, but Bishop Grubb and his wife bought a 'fixer-upper' about twelve miles out of town, planning to remodel.

Well, three young children including a very busy autistic four-year old son later, Sister G. has taken all the kids to relatives while the bishop tries to dig in and finish the living room.   That's replacing floor boards, steaming away wall paper, painting, doing brick work on another wall....  You would never hear it from his lips, but I think this is slightly more than they bargained for.   Anyway, he said the space wasn't large enough to invite a lot of help, but he and Elder Meese are chipping away at it today.

So that started me thinking of a few reasons I'm grateful for my companion.   These are some of them:

Last week found him painting the entryway and moulding of our other bishop's house.

Our flat-cleaning schedule included defrosting our freezer.   He was smart enough to google the instructions and figure it out....and then offer to get down on his knees  (I think he was afraid I'd electrocute myself).

He's getting to be quite the shopper (we get plenty of practice!), redeeming coupons...doing price-comparisons.   And he Always knows a more efficient way to bag things for carrying up to our flat!

In addition to being over the AUF program for the mission, he loves working with ward leadership to help get all their records updated, visiting and home teaching 'in the church system'....and trading ideas with 'tech-savvy' ward friends.

Last week he reinstalled our bathroom towel rack that had almost fallen out of the wall.   He did the same for the curtain fastener in the living room.   This week it was time to quit hearing the constant drip of the kitchen sink!

But the biggest sacrifice was standing in the field this Monday, during the ward's 'bank holiday' annual cricket game.   Four hours of play....never up to bat.   I know I need to be respectful of this game, but somebody needs to educate me!   Talk about watching grass grow!   

So what do I contribute to this mission, you might ask?   Here you go. 

Oh, and remember the man who said he wanted 'a proper chocolate cake' next time we visited instead of 'these daft cookies'?   Well, even though he'd forgotten the joke by the time we brought it, we made good on his request!

Well, here's you to, beloved companion.    And if you're really good and study more of your driving theory for the test, maybe we'll get you some more of your favorite 'sweets'!   

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