Monday, July 8, 2013

O What a Beautiful Morning!

This was an unbelievable Sabbath skies, mid-70's.   So we couldn't resist....we walked to church!   The 'stroll' took about 32 minutes and was well worth it.  My joints were in grand agreement with these temperatures; I hate to admit the weather makes such a difference!

The bishopric had every window in the building open, trying to cool things off.   They even gave the brethren permission to lose the suit coats. We were totally comfortable!

Here is my happy moment of the entire day.  This is Eliza, after one 'practice session' at the organ last week, agreeing to play prelude entirely on the organ today!  You would only appreciate what a breakthrough this is if you knew that no one in this ward has played the organ in evidently seven years - just because no one wanted to 'try it'.  I could have kissed this young teenager!  The sound was so sweet and so reverent, and her prelude has now encouraged our regular accompanist to say, 'Okay, I'll try out the organ!'  We'll meet this week!

And speaking of things that make a difference in a Sacrament meeting, these are Eliza's grandparents. They provide flowers each Sunday to grace the chapel during the day.  It adds a wonderful beauty and helps bring the Spirit.

I have wanted to make an 'unsolicited plea' for more senior missionaries out here. I think I mentioned that we have five couples right now, two of which serve in the office. So that spreads three couples across seven stakes! That's 52 wards and branches! In our experience every one of those units could use a missionary couple.

I wish I could explain the attachment you form with these young Elders and Sisters.  You are a witness to their wonderful work, their obedience, their continuing enthusiasm and testimony. You are a firm handshake at their conferences and a platter of cookies that says 'a little of home came with you'. I think they can feel the great admiration we have for them.

Tell you what, why don't I let our wonderful missionaries speak for themselves to you.

And one more, from our French Elder at a farewell dinner for one of our members:
The translation for those not fluent in 'zone leader French':   "We need more senior couples.   If the husband can leave his remote control, the wife can leave her grandchildren for at least two years."   There you have it, friends.   How can you resist them?

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