Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get ready...get set!

Here we are, on the eve of the first British pageant ever!   Last night I sat semi-alone on the back risers of chairs in the marquee, listening to the first complete run through.   My favorite bass was way back on the choir 'bridge', but I could find him if I hunted.   This is what my companion will look like for the next ten nights:  (Have you ever seen someone look more at home in a costume?!)

I'm pretty sure he'll have to lose the badge by tomorrow night.   The head of wardrobe also made me promise to make him  lose the belt...too modern.  

And check out the shirt!   This $2.50 dress shirt from a local charity shop was made collarless by me...without a sewing machine.   Ta-Da!   The Lord can help anyone step up in a real pinch.  

Here's the tireless Scottish wardrobe mistress (left) with a wonderful mother-daughter team that is also behind this effort.   This great young pageant choreographer (and new mother) lives in London and was only able to spend these several weeks up here because her mother flew from Farmington (Utah!) to be a full time 'nanny' to their family and make it all possible.   By the way, the show's director also has a brand new baby!!  

Here's a 'thumbnail' of the stage.   The choir stands   on that stone 'bridge' at the back.  
All that empty floor space was covered in white chairs before the rehearsal ended!

There were plenty of first run lighting miscues and staging errors, (Matt and Becky, you'll remember how that goes from Palmyra) but the energy and excitement of all of them is very contagious.   Dress rehearsal, tonight.   Stay tuned!

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