Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're back in business!

Well, we've finally moved into a (temporarily) permanent flat!   It's sweet, it's small, it's wonderful!   We love the fir trees in the back that sway outside our bedroom window.   We love the close proximity to our little chapel (1 mile).    We love the leather sofa that 'enfolds you' during your morning study time.   It's all great.   We'll take some pictures and post about it soon.   In the meantime, here are some things that make us smile:

Lisa!   Yes, Nanette, we found a hair dresser.   And this part you won't believe...she comes to your home!   In this photo, we had already moved out of "The Mill" and returned to the empty flat to meet her.   The extra pots, etc. on the table were awaiting the office elders to take them back to storage.  Lisa cuts the incoming missionaries' hair at the Preston MTC.   She says some cuts are because they don't quite have the right idea of a mission cut, and the others are because 'my mother always cuts my hair'. She is allotted 7 minutes for each Elder, Sisters get a little bit more.  Funny, huh?  

Here's something interesting to think about - the law of consecration is alive and well here in the mission.   We received a wonderful printer from the Hancocks, who headed home last week.   They also left their spices, lots of baking staples, a blow up mattress, etc., etc.   Because the truth is, anything any of us buy while we're here... stays here.   None of us had an ounce to spare in the 50 lb we were allotted per suitcase.   

Therefore, the beautiful black slow cooker we just purchased, along with the duvet and cover, sheet sets, towels, etc. will be passed on in like manner to the incoming missionaries (or stored by the office Elders).   

Second thing that makes me smile:   Elder Hare, a big huggy (only with brethren) Samoan with a mission style that's infectious.   That's his 'former self' and hair from his life in California.   He's at home with everyone and a definite shot in the arm in our zone.   

Smile #3:   Bro. Hesketh, one of the best ward mission leaders we've run across (here with his great friend, Elder Chong).   He's a convert of about five years who has never lost the fervor or glow of a new convert.   He reminds me of the way they described the people of Ammon, only with a charming British accent.    If he doesn't find a wonderful young LDS woman soon, we may have to adopt him and bring him back home to look around! 

Smile #4:   The entry way at the recent 'new member fireside' at the mission home.   The president invites Elders with recent converts to gather together, where they have asked a few to tell their conversion experiences.   It was very spiritual, and the Elders LOVED an excuse to see their former companions, 'sons', and 'fathers'.   

A big smile #5:   We can actually make rolls work without a Bosch mixer!   Yea!   We're sure they will improve, too, as we re-learn the art of kneading!

Hey, East Layton, look at this one!

It's true - uniforms everywhere, from 6yrs on up.   Boys in full suits, and this isn't a private school.   I asked one of our ward members how the girls are to dress modestly with the mini-skirt uniforms.   They assured me the skirts are actually to reach the knees; the girls roll them up as they leave the school.

Well, one more thing that makes me smile:   It's been in the 50's for three days in a row.   It's beautiful and green and actual sweater-weather!   The gospel's true, my companion is wonderful and drives like a native, and our days are filling up with good things more each week!    Our love to everyone back home!  

Sister Meese

PS - I love that everyone sings in all church meetings.  We sing all verses of all songs.  And the volume is such that I can't really hear myself sing, which is a first for almost forever, even when the we sing without a piano.

Love to all of you.

Elder Meese


  1. Love reading of your experiences! Makes me miss England.

  2. I am loving these posts! So good to "see" what you are up to. I'm sure the mission is overjoyed to have you. :)