Thursday, March 28, 2013


Transfer Day in Manchester!   What an exciting time.   All the transferring Elders and sisters meet here to disperse for parts unknown, and they also greet the brand new recruits.   After a morning of meetings with the President, the new Elders come down the hall and are greeted by their fellow missionaries lining the sides of the hall singing 'Called To Serve'.   Then we all meet in the chapel.

This is our beloved Pres. Preston with his outgoing A.P., Elder Aulenbach.   I think he's Canadian.  
The President knows and loves every one of his missionaries...individually.

Well, the story here is that everyone in the office was so busy this transfer day that Elder Meese and I were designated to make the Costco run to get lunch supplies.   But not just anyone can get a card.   We had to sign on as part of Pres. Preston's corporate account, because neither of us was a 'professional'.   Yup, they're pretty choosy on who walks around with their cards.    So now Elder Meese is the proud owner of a U.K. membership!  (and yes, we spent an additional $100 of our own money on personal 'stuff' as any decent card holder does!)

 There are usually four to six new Elders coming into the field on Transfer day.   Today, four were going home...twenty-eight coming in!   The first four rows are trainers waiting for their new 'sons'.  This is the first time the mission has ever experienced something like this.   And next transfer also promises to bring in a 'slew' of new sisters!!  Everyone's anticipating their arrival!

 The sister on the right above is a 'waiter' that will head to Australia.   Her trainer on the left?   An Aussie!  (The President must have a soft spot for the sisters)

Elder Manco - a wonderfully exacting Elder.   He is always asking if there is something he can help you with.

 A new three-some - and yes, the Elder at left looks even more like Ferris Bueller in real life.   He's also a stellar pianist!

Elder Walsh, my favorite Australian, with his new trainee (whose visa didn't arrive in time).   Funny enough, the same thing happened to Elder Walsh when HE was to arrive in the field!

After they announce the new trainer and they greet with a hug and 'back slap' (like men do), Sis. Davies takes their picture and they sit down together.    It's so wonderful to see that immediate connection.  I know they will have some adjustments, but you can just feel the spirit of the work between them.   They're so excited and are sure they are going to the best zone in the mission.

Well, that's the long and short of Transfer Day!   I'm so glad we got to experience one of these!!
(Elder Meese and I got to keep the same companions)

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  1. I'm happy to see that Costco is like the Gospel . . . the same no matter where in the world you are.

    Glad they kept the Meeses together. The perfect companionship!